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Stephen E. Myers: A Photographic Record of a Professional

Stephen E. Myers (1883-1942) was born in Bogard Township, Daviess County, Indiana to Daniel J. Myers and Ada J. (Williams) Myers. He married Bessie R. Allen on June 2, 1909. They did not have any children.

Myers was a prominent attorney in Washington, Indiana. Before he became an attorney in 1908, Myers was a teacher in Daviess County. He taught at the Keller School in Bogard Township in 1901-1902 and at the Allen School in Washington Township in 1905-1906.

ca. 1902 ca. 1906 ca. 1910

The Daviess County Museum has seven studio photographs of Mr. Myers taken in Washington over a span of more than 30 years.

ca. 1915 ca. 1925 ca. 1925

These portraits record Mr. Myers’ physical appearance from youth to middle age. They also portray a serious, meticulous professional who was always carefully attired.

ca. 1935

This article was compiled by Bruce A. Smith on September 18, 2023. Smith volunteers at the Daviess County Museum and is part of the Daviess County Historian Team

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